Inplant Training for Mechanical students in Chennai:

Training Content

Embedded System
- Introduction
- Essential Components & Block Diagram.
- Application with examples.
Embedded System + Arduino = Embedduino
- Introduction of embedduino.
- Basic programs for embedduino.
- Embedduino control LEDs, RGB LEDs, 7-Segment Display, LCD, Switch, Potentiometer etc.
- Embedduino interfaces pneumatics devices as DC motor, Stepper motor, Servomotor, Relays etc.
Arduino + Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) = Controlluino
- Introduction of PLC.
- Introduction of Controlluino.
- Explanation of Ladder Diagram with symbols.
- Sample program
- Interfacing Controlluino with LEDs, Switches, Relays, DC motor, stepper motor, Servomotor.
- Linobot (Line Follower Robot).
- Obstabot (Obstacles Avoider Robot).
- BTbot (Bluetooth Robot).
- Wiredbot (Serial Data Control robot).
- Elevator Design.
- Home Control.

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About IPT Training Program:

- 5 days 3 hours per day (or) 3 days 5 Hours per day.

- You can fix up your own date and inform us.

- We will be working on all 7 days from 9 A.M to 7.00 P.M.

- Rupees 1000/- will be charged for overall training per participant.

Materials Provided:

- Inplant Trianing Certificate (ISO 9001:2008 Recognized Certificate).

- Software CD.

- Stationary Materials.

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